5 hands-on tips to help you attract new members to your sport club

Joey van Kuilenburg, Founder @ Victoryz
April 28, 2017

Nathaniel Yeo

As the management of a sport club you are always looking for ways to bring new members to your club.

Stop wasting time and money in complicated marketing plans! Follow these 5 hands-on tips and be successful in growing your membership


1. Let people get to know your club!

Here are a couple things that you can do:

Organize an open practice. It is very important to organize this type of events and offer people the opportunity to get acquainted with you. An open practice is the equivalent of an open day but it doesn’t have to last a full day. Invite people to take part in a training session, meet the trainers and the other members of the club and see if what your club has to offer is what they are looking for.

Another great way to attract people to your club is by offering free trial practices. Offer those who consider joining a couple of free practices to persuade them. If done correctly, people will get enthusiastic about this opportunity and be more inclined to join if they know that they don’t have to commit and implicitly start paying the membership fees immediately. They will also see that you don’t want to force them into becoming a member but that nevertheless you are interested in this possibility; and that by offering them the opportunity to train for free a couple of times, you allow them to make an educated decision on whether or not to join.

Make sure you always publish these open and trial practices on your website. Nobody will sign up if they don’t know the date and location.

Once you have the potential members attending these practices, make sure you offer them a nice experience! Be yourself and do not create any false expectations.


2. Take your member’s schedules into account when setting-up your practices and activities

Children nowadays are involved in dozens of activities and their parents may be reluctant to allow them to train to the detriment of other school activities. Similarly, adults have jobs and most of them will firstly like to drop by at home and have dinner before training.

Offer your members the possibility to choose when they can train. Depending on what kind of sport club you are, plan a couple of practices during the week in the evenings and one in the weekend. If possible, schedule the adult and junior practices at the same time so it doesn’t take away from their family time twice.

This schedule should offer sufficient opportunities for your members to manage their schedules and be able to join.


3.  A community, not just a sport club

Many people are not only looking for a place where they can practice the sport they enjoy. They are also looking for a getaway from their busy lives, a place where they can relax their minds and bodies, and where they can be part of a community.

Next to the usual practices and competitions, make sure that from time to time you get together with your members for a barbecue or an evening out. It will give your members the chance to catch up and get to know eachother better. In business terms they call it team building or, as we call it in the office, “gezellig”!


4. Offer your members growth opportunities. The returns are worth it.

Offering personal development opportunities will raise your (potential) members’ interest in your club and will tie them in for a longer period of time.

Every sport club has a board, a secretary, someone who handles the PR, finances, technical matters, etc…If you don’t have these functions within your club, make sure you create them, no matter your size.

Create opportunities for the young – nothing overwhelming that would require a lot of their time and attention. Just make sure you offer them the chance to get involved in easy, administrative tasks, in supporting the more experienced members in their tasks…etc. Also, make it fun for them. They will feel empowered and motivated to bring their contribution to your club’s growth and this will definitely influence their decision to join!

Similarly, the adults will be happy to join a sport club where they can bring in some of their knowledge, professional skills and connections to help it further grow.


5. First impressions matter!

The majority of people are looking for information online. Make sure you have a professional website where potential members can get a first impression of who you are. One important tip, always post updates so those visiting your website know that you are still active.

At Victoryz, we know what our clients need and we make sure that we send them notifications when they haven’t posted on their websites in a while. We are a young and ambitious start-up based in the Hague and we specialize in building websites for sport teams and athletes. We want that every sport club out there reaches its full potential and we strive to offer each and one of them a professional online presence.

If you don’t have a website for your club or if you think that your website doesn’t meet your needs and expectations, sign-up for a free trial

Interested in joining us and want to discuss getting a Victoryz website? Send us an email at hello@spoplz.com or call us 0031 619 682 867 and we will get in touch with you for advice and a free consultation.

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