Off the pitch

What GDPR means for sports clubs and organizations

No matter weather you’re a small club, have professional staff or a sport governing body, you’ll have fans, associates, along with athletes. Consequently, you’ll be holding the personal data of several people in addition to information concerning employees and volunteers. Data is an essential advantage for sports organizations, the upkeep and growth of which is…

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Gender equality and empowerment of women in sport

We can all agree that today, gender equality still remains a challenge to overcome. This, despite the fact that soon we will cross into 2018 and that the previous centuries have offered us countless experiences to learn from. Gender equality refers to different opportunities that men and women have in economic, social and cultural settings.…

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The role of volunteers in sport

Nathaniel Yeo

By definition, a volunteer is someone who devotes his time and work to a particular goal and activity without receiving payment or for which that person receives a small, symbolic remuneration in return. Did you know that many sports clubs out there heavily rely on the contribution brought by volunteers? People have different reasons why…

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The important role of sports in environmental sustainability

What does sports make you think about? The important but silent role of sports in environmental sustainability When we think about sports we usually think about athletes, teams, sports fields, competitions, trophies and that’s about it. Sports is a strong social movement and an industry with huge influence over millions or even billions of fans worldwide.…

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