Every successful sport club needs to have these pages on its website

Joey van Kuilenburg, Founder @ Victoryz
June 13, 2017

picture by Hal Gatewood

Hello there! We are back with our weekly blog! And this means more useful tips for you and your sport club.

We believe that a professional, modern, and well organized website will bring you more benefits than any other social media platform. Your website is your Curriculum Vitae and the main platform through which potential sponsors, members and other interested parties form their first impressions of you.

Here are the most important pages your website should have.

Sign Up

Getting new members to sign up is a lot easier if they can easily find a signup form on your website. Ideally this should be placed on the homepage or as a link to a separate page. Making it needlessly difficult to sign up will put off people from signing up. Successful clubs will almost always have a signup form as one of the first things you see on their website. A good example is a health club like UFC Gym.

Your members/players are the essence

Whether you add your players on a page on its own or whether you set-it up as part of another category (for example as part of ‘About us’ or ‘Club’ categories) make sure it is easy to find. As a tip, add a picture with your whole team and then a picture of each of your players. Allow people to read more about your players if they click on their picture.

For example, football club FC Barcelona presents  its ‘Squad’ as a subpage of the ‘Football’ page. There is a team picture and individual pictures of all the players and of the coach on which you can click if you want to read more about them. It’s a great way to allow website visitors to get to know your team.

Show your organizational structure and facilities

Whether you have an ‘About us’ category or whether you call it ‘Club’ or ‘Organization’, this page is very important because it reflects how your club is organized. Here you can include subcategories such as: board, history, your club’s statute or code of conduct, info about your training facilities, club reports, etc.

Business matters

Needless to tell you how important your sponsors are, you already know it. And you also know that you need to properly accommodate them on your website. For example, football club Ajax Amsterdam added its business collaborators in the ‘Business’ subcategory of their ‘Club’ page. The club also has an open invitation for the businesses who are interested to sponsor the club. 

This is a great marketing trick of keeping an open door to future business ventures. You can do the same.

What’s been going on?

People visiting your website will want to know what has been going on around your club. Make sure you show this via your own news feed. On your ‘News’ page you can post updates relating your club, players, games, events, competitions sponsors, etc..

News pages require some attention and the regularity with which you update them reflects on the ‘active’ status of your sport club. If you forget to update your news page, people visiting your website will probably think that you are also inactive as a club. News pages are tricky but if you take the effort of updating them on a regular basis, they become true assets.

As a tip, provide a form where people can subscribe to your newsletter. It is a great way to keep in touch and to attract website visitors. Here’s an example of how this tennis club posts updates on its news page.

Sell your merchandise online

A webshop brings many benefits to any sport club, whether small or big, amateur or pro. It helps you bring more income to your club and also to strengthen your brand. Make sure you create a ‘Shop’ page where you sell your merchandise.

For more tips about how to successfully sell merchandise through your own webshop check our last week’s blog at http://victoryz.com/successfully-sell-merchandise-through-your-own-webshop/

If you want to get a website for your club or if you are in the process of setting it up, make sure you include these pages. The beauty of having a website is that you are the creator of your own vision. And with the tips offered by us in your pocket, what you envisage for your website is perfection!

If you already have all these pages on your website, whether as a main page or as subcategories of other pages, you’re doing great. Make sure you put into practice our additional tips!

For more marketing tips for your sport club, check our blog at www.victoryz.com/blog

Until next week!

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