Page Builder

Adding content to your page is a breeze with our large collection of building blocks and premade page templates.

Victoryz Builder generates all the basic page layout templates you need to get started – Homepage, News, Players, Team layouts, etc. Need custom layouts? Add your own page layouts with a click and style them any way you like.

Drag & drop

Drag and drop editing is the easiest way to organize your page content. Page Builder provides full control over Headers, Footers, Typography, Body, etc.

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Drag & drop

Page builder gives you complete control over the page layout. Just drag and drop!

Live editor

Create and edit stunning pages in real-time with Page builder. You can change absolutely everything and see results instantly.

Save and re-use

Configure a block once, then use it all over your site. Set a saved block as global and changes will affect all instances of the block.

Design toolkit

Kickstart projects with premade components. Select the best layout for your purpose and start editing without a line of code.

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Starter sites

Import one of our professionally designed starter websites. Use your own domain name, or purchase one through Victoryz.

Building Blocks

Build your pages from a wide range of Blocks. Covers, Testimonials, Calls to Action and much more.

Look great on every device

Save time by using a library of your favorite items. Your website will look great on any device.

Layout options

Create advanced row and columns structures. Columns can be easily configured and all screen sizes and devices and used to place all sorts of content.

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You can easily customize the font family, font size, line height, color, letter spacing for every font on your site.

Change content

It is unbelievably easy to edit your text content. Just click into your text and start typing to add new text content.

Advanced layouts

Victoryz allows you to create advanced columns layouts. You can add up to 12 columns per row. Columns width can be configured on mobile devices separately.

Content modules

Victoryz comes with a bundle of premium content modules: from images to tables, icons, buttons, cons, and tabs.

Customize modules

Modules include tons of options that allows you to easily and quickly customize module settings in real time without a line of code.

Layer modules and columns

Create an impressive multi-layered parallax scrolling effect with background images moving at a different speed to the modules.

Designed for sports teams

All modules are built specifically to help you build sports websites faster and easier.

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