Successfully sell merchandise through your own webshop

Joey van Kuilenburg, Founder @ Victoryz
June 5, 2017

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Thinking about strengthening your brand? Do you want extra income for your sport club?  If you haven’t done it so far, it’s time to do so. Start a webshop and sell your club’s merchandise online.

Quality products that represent your club are: gear, hats, scarves, bracelets, posters and stickers, tickets for your matches, mascots, mugs, magazines, t-shirts, pens and notebooks, and the list goes on.

It takes less time than you think

You probably already have a member assigned to selling tickets, merchandise and memorabilia. Orders are probably handled via email and inventory is tracked in an spreadsheet. This is no longer the most efficient way of doing business. In the US,  it is predicted that in 2017 96% of all people will shop online while in the European Union around two thirds of internet users shop online.

Selling your product via a webshop gives you a new way of promoting your items as well. It is easier to run promotions and to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

Create a strong brand

Every sport club aims to build a strong image and to have brand name, logo, and colors recognized by as many people as possible. One way you can work your way towards achieving this goal is to increase the promotion of your merchandise. Do not only sell your merchandise at games and during open days, sell it permanently, via your webshop.

People who get in contact with your club will definitely visit your website and will also take a look at what you have to offer in your webshop.  If you have cool stuff in your webshop it is more likely that they will make a purchase before leaving your website.

The Italian football club AC Milan represents an excellent example of how a club should run its online store.

Involve your members

Promoting your sport club as a strong band will positively impact on your member’s’ state of mind and implicitly the way they represent your club. Even the smallest acts from your members will help. Give your members the opportunity to help promote your brand.

They will be glad to have a webshop from where they can choose small gifts to offer their families and friends or as a place that they proudly recommend to fans interested in purchasing an item from your club. This is a great way to promote your club across your member’s networks.

Also, make your members proud! Sell t-shirts with their names and signatures that their fans, families and friends can purchase. It will get your merchandise sold and more importantly, it will motivate your members. And there is no better marketing strategy for your club than motivated members.

Tip. Offer your members and most loyal buyers a discount on the items purchased online. You can easily arrange this by giving them a coupon code.

An extra source of income

It is true that setting up your webshop might require an initial investment.

You will need to invest in designs for your products if you don’t already sell them via another channel. Here you can also invoke the expertise of your members, instead of paying for someone to do it. In our previous blog articles we mentioned how a sport club can benefit from using the expertise of its members.

Find a reliable company who can produce quality products at fair prices. If you want to take it to the next level, try investing in sustainable products. It will definitely have a positive impact on your brand, especially in 2017 when most people are concerned with environmental and ethical matters.

For example, the famous brand Nike which is one of the official sponsors of FC Barcelona, takes environmental matters seriously as part of its brand policies. They state that they are ‘innovating solutions that benefit athletes, the company and the world’. Flyknit and Nike Grind, also used in sports, are two of the most sustainable innovations of Nike. In their manufacturing, the company focused on minimizing the environmental footprint and on the use of sustainable labor. This not only benefits the planet and sets a good example, but it also positively impacts on the image of FC Barcelona through its collaboration with the brand.

Do these things the right way and your initial investment will pay off. If you properly manage your webshop, you will soon start making profit and who doesn’t strive for this?

Not yet a webshop on your website? Why not give it a try?

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