Team management

Each team you create will automatically get a profile page displaying their players, matches and staff.

Team blocks also make it easy to display a specific team on any page of your website. Assign teams to specific team managers who get access to the admin panel so they can update the information of that team.

Players & staff

We automate all the time-consuming tasks for you so you can easily and effortlessly add data from your own club or league.

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  • Players

    You can add all the players in your league and assign them to specific teams. Victoryz will automatically create player profile pages for each player, where you can visit to view their player performance stats from each season.

  • Staff

    Staff personnel profiles can also be created to display useful contact information to visitors who may need to get in touch with your organization.

  • Positions

    Assign positions to your players to create leaderboards and rankings charts. Use job titles to define staff roles within your organization.

Teams & clubs

Add all the teams in your league. Victoryz will automatically create a profile page for each team which will save you heaps of time.

  • Teams

    Visit each team’s profile page to see their upcoming matches and the latest news. Team profile pages can display rosters, team stats, news, and event calendars.

  • Member access

    Give members access to different areas of your site based on the teams they manage.

  • Standings

    All of the standings on your website are automatically updated based on the final scores you enter at the matches. We designed special blocks that you can use to add this information to your pages. You can highlight your own team to make it easy to spot.

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Match reports

Add a recap to each match to provide your audience with detailed match reports. Enable comments to encourage discussion between fans and teammates after each match.

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  • Display matches

    You can visually display multiple matches on your pages. Each match will link to its own match page where visitors can access all the details. To make it easy to integrate the matches on your pages, you can choose from a number of ways to display the information.

  • Update results

    Update your events with the final scores and your event pages and league tables will automatically reflect the new standings.

  • Match reports

    Every match gets its own page including all the details of that match. You can add the starting lineup and an intelligent visual timeline will show additional information such as goals, cards, substituted and the score.

Event details

Keep visitors updated by scheduling and displaying your upcoming games on your website. Each event will automatically have its own page, so you can easily show the location, opposing team, and player lineup.

  • Venue details

    Make sure everyone knows where the next match is by providing address details of all the venues. The venue information will also be displayed as an embedded Google Map next to the match details.

  • Outcome history

    Display outcomes from the last 5 or last 10 matches or import data from 3rd party sources using this built-in feature. Information on teams, players and competitions will be stored within seasons

  • Tournaments

    Apart from the usual competitions, you will take part or even host tournaments. You have to select the start dates and teams for the first round. The events in the group states and knock out rounds will automatically lead to updated standings.

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