The number one thing that sports clubs, teams and athletes should do this year

Joey van Kuilenburg, Founder @ Victoryz
March 19, 2017

Image by Nathan Shively

Are you an athlete wishing to take your career to the next level and are you looking for means of promoting yourself? Or are you struggling with reaching more opportunities for your sports club or team?

You probably think that your hard work and your performance on the sports fields and at competitions are the only things that you need. That they will bring you, your club or team success, make you visible in the world of sports, help you get new members to your teams, attract the much needed sponsors and last but not least, bring more opportunities your way.

And while this is mostly true, you are forgetting one major factor that will help you take your sports career to the next level. And that is having a strong and professional, online presence.

No matter what sports you are into, whether you are an amateur or a professional, whether you come from a small or a big town, you want to reach your full potential. And for this to this to happen, you have to change your traditional approach to success and start promoting yourself online.

Trends are changing, being online means you exist. But you need to do it the right way.

Joey van Kuilenburg, founder of Victoryz, a startup which specializes in offering websites to sports clubs, teams and athletes talks about how important it is for sports to have a constant, professional, online presence.

“Suppose that someone wants to sponsor a sports club. Or that a parent is looking for a football team for his or her child. Or that someone wants to join a hockey team or a boxing club. Or that someone is trying to get in touch with an athlete… anyway, you get the idea. You have to ask yourself: Based on what information will they decide to choose me?

Everybody with a sound marketing experience will tell you that you won’t attract too much interest if the first thing that people will see in their search is your outdated and unprofessional website.

What attracts people is professional content: a website where your club displays information about its history, teams, members, coaches, training venue, game results, future games and events, where you also sell tickets, your merchandise and where you post anything related to you. Same goes for athletes: you need an online resume!

At Victoryz, we know that most of the athletes, sports teams and clubs want to focus on their training and that they lack the time, the expertise and the money to get themselves a professional website.

This is why we created a product meant to meet the needs and requirements of athletes, sports teams and clubs.

We invested a great deal of time, integrated the latest technological developments and created page designs to offer athletes, sports teams and clubs an affordable, easy to use, yet comprehensive tool where they can create the professional website they need.”

There are many teams and athletes out there. Make sure you stand out!


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